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Tuesday  6:00am - Hatha

Tom is German born and has been living in Griffith since 2006.
He has been a Yoga practitioner since 2000.
His Yoga Teacher Training was obtained from Siva Soorya Devine School of Yoga, Kerala, India in 2013.
I am passionate about Hatha and Kundalini Yoga including Kriyas, Pranayama and Chanting.
I am a longtime practitioner of the Five Tibetan Rites.
Classes are based on the most commonly known Yoga of technique: Hatha Yoga – ( Sanscrite: Ha – sun , tha – moon) - Literally meaning Yoga of effort or force.
Special attention is given to pranayama techniques (breath control) and to simple chanting, exploring  the benefit of vibrations for your body and mind.
Suitable for everyone interested in making a positive change.

Yoga Pose